1. Why is it "Lake" Montfort...?
2. Why do we have grading system...?
3. What is the school uniform...?
4. What are the school activities...?
5. What are the rules and regulations...?
6. What are the special features...?
1. Why is it "Lake" Montfort...?
  If ever a “Lake” has been immortalized, it is the Lake of Galilee, by Him who walked on its waters, Jesus of Nazareth. There he directed his 'fisherman disciples' to cast their net into the deep, after they had labored for a whole night and caught nothing. But to their great surprise, when hauled up, it brought them a great catch of fish. Their eyes were opened. “It is the Master” they said .....and they followed him..

What's In a Name?

Among us humans, name is the person. It is much the same for an institution like School. “Montfort School” perched on the world  “Lake” to itself

Thus we have the endearing name: “Lake Montfort School”. But only time will tell whether this lake will be immortalized. For now, the name is a message.

In combining “Lake” with the “Saint”, we underline the twin side of the education vision of “Lake Montfort School”: the concrete and the sublime, the temporal and the eternal, the studied knowledge and the enlightened wisdom. Thus the profile of the Montfort student is: on the one hand, an educated, dutiful, loyal citizen of the motherland and on the other hand, a child of God with brother and sisters, on the voyage of life, to the other shore of the Lake (Life) with his/her inner  eyes fully opened.

The Lake provides an enchanting panorama for the young minds to develop their creative imaginations, to kindle their spirit of inquiry and adventure. Lake is the image of the fountain of knowledge, to drink from. Again, Lake is a precious gift of Mother Nature to all beings: humans, animal and plant. Its water washes, purifies and regenerates. The message of ecology, to preserve and protect nature in its integrity, is an essential part of the education at Lake Montfort School.

River flows. It signifies the changing nature of things. Life is fleeting. In contrast, Lake stands still, as symbol of depth: life is not all fleeting. Still waters run deep. Education must teach one to delve deeper and deeper into oneself. The sublime things are learnt only in depth. St. Montfort teachers us how to navigate safely through the Lake of the other shore (Life). Happy and successful navigation!
2. Why do we have grading system...?
  The several attitudes / traits / competencies / skills of learners are identified by the School on an eight point scale. Each grade of scale refers to the following levels of performance.
Grade Level of Performance Range
3. What is the school uniform...?
Days Boys Girls
4. What are the school activities...?
  Opportunities for varied and co-curricular activities are provided to give expression to students' creative talents, and develop a well balanced personality. “"Exhibitions"” are organized in various disciplines periodically. Through these activities we aim at developing the child into a “"total person"” by  bringing out the best in him/her.

The activities and associations that are available for this purpose are:

  1. Literacy Association
  • - Kannada literary Associations
  • - English literary Associations
  • - Hindi literary Associations
  2. Science clubs
  3. Art club
  4. Music & Dance
  5. Scouting
-Mix Media-Oil
Gardening, Environment Club
  To keep pace with the technological advancement of the 21st century, and also to continue the computer aided education programme provided from standard l to V, an extensive programme of study has been prepared. This enables the students to become proficient in mastering the academic subjects as well.
5. What are the rules and regulations...?
  The school authorities reserve the right to take appropriate disciplinary action, including dismissal, against any student whose conduct is detrimental to the moral tone, discipline and educative atmosphere of the school campus.

Students shall attend class regularly and punctually. They should bring the “"Handbook"” to the school on all working days. It contains all the detailed information regarding the “"teaching learning"” experience in the School.

Students are expected to keep the Classrooms and School premises clean and make use of the litter bins. Personal cleanliness in dress, habits and behavior is to be maintained always.

Students desirous of participating in any co-curricular or extracurricular activity outside the school shall produce a letter from the father or mother / guardian requesting such permission, clearly indicating the duration or number of days. He /she may participate in such events only with explicit permission of the Principal.

Students are advised not to bring any valuables such as gold chains, cameras, tape recorders, costly watches or any other articles to the School. The School authorities will not be responsible for the loss / damage of such personal belongings.

Pupils should at all times show respect to the School authorities and the   members of the Staff. Care must be taken of all school property. Damage done to buildings, furniture, library books, sports goods, etc., must be paid for.

The students behavior should be gentlemanly at all times and in all places, both inside and outside the School. Students should refrain from reading periodicals and books of low moral standards.

Organizing or attending meeting in the School Campus or collection of funds for any purpose without a written permission from the Principal is forbidden.

We expect that students entrusted to our care will conduct themselves to the satisfaction of all concerned and leave the school after a successful career as God fearing young men and women useful to themselves, their parents, society and their country.
6. What are the special features...?
  1. Lake Montfort school  has developed an exchange programme with two schools in England namely Sutton center community college, Sutton-in-Ash Field,Notts. NG171EE,Carsic primary school,  Sutton-in-Ash Field,Notts,Notts.NG172FG. 

  2.  The School is proposing to have  teacher exchange programmes with schools from Thailand.

  3. Our students have an exchange programme with students of Montfort school, Munnar, Kerala.

    Our Counseling Center of Sampurna  Montfort College, Bangalore helps all our students in the holistic development of their personality by imparting right values and attitude toward oneself and the society at large, through regular counseling service. A committee comprising the principal selected faculty members and non-teaching staff members will look into needs and problems of the students in regard to their studies and other issues. Students will be provided with period updates of their academic performance and attendance.
    Academic performance of students are periodically assessed by monthly tests, term exams and annual exam. Meritorious students are recognized and encouraged with merits scholarships,  prizes and awards.
    A fleet of school/ college buses ply around the city for the benefit of our students and faculty to reach the institution on time and to get back home.
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